How AC Repair Companies Can Use Google Adwords and SEO to Get Leads

google seo, google adwordsIf you are an AC repair or HVAC repair company and contractor the best place to get exposure or attention is Google. Why? Since people use Google like an old school Yellow Book they search what they need when they need it.

So as an example when it’s over 100 degrees all summer long in Phoenix, AZ and the AC unit stops working or breaks there is no time to remember the latest TV or Radio ad, or hope a direct mailer comes at that time and day to get their Air Conditioning unit fixed.

Instead they are going to go onto Google and search things like AC Repair Phoenix, or Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair ect..

And when they do they are going to click on the top results whether its the Google Adwords / PPC ads or the first page SEO organic results and start visiting their websites and as long as the website loads fast, is mobile friendly and user friendly they will start calling the businesses.

The key though is to have a professional SEO expert or PPC management company and agency manage your Google Marketing for you so you can get the best ROI for you advertising dollars and budget.

Here are a few companies we would recommend. And if you need social media help I would hire a social media professional internally with your brand and post a social media job on a site like Monster, CareerBuilder or a niche site like

Why every Small Business Should invest in a SEO Company?

As a small business owner there is no better investment that investing in yourself, your business, and marketing to grow your company. The best form of marketing is when a buyer has intent to do business with you or are ready to buy. There is no platform in the world that does this better then Google Search Engine. It’s the reason they are the #1 site in the world and continue to be the best ad platform as well with their Google Adwords program for instant results where you only have your budget used or have a cost per click thru to your website.s

Since most small businesses have limited time and money they really need to be careful as to where they invest in marketing or advertising. In our experience the best ROI for marketing is with SEO and/or PPC management of ads on Google to get people directly to your website where they contact you or call you directly.

Whether you are just starting out in business or have been in business for 10 years the best way to grow your business is hiring an SEO company that can help you manage Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, backlinks, content, blogging, and ranking for relevant keywords and keyword research with Google’s keyword planner.

Also, if you search your local area for example if you were in Phoenix you can search “phoenix seo consultant, phoenix seo” or keywords like that to see what companies are getting on the first page of Google to do the same for you. Or if you are looking for a national seo company company because you want to reach people across the United States searching more generic national keywords like “plastic surgeons” because you don’t care if someone from other states come to your office and travel for your services or you sell products online where anyone in the US can buy them like ecigs or something like that then you can reach out to a US based SEO company as well.

The cool part is that once you start ranking for keywords and get on the first page of Google you will have a constant flow of leads based on what you offer.

This is the best investment for small businesses when it comes to marketing. Period.

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